We SOLD (Flipped!?) Our Fixer Upper!

Watch out Chip and Joanna…we flipped our fixer upper! Remember the green Spanish mission-style house with the interior courtyard that we bought last June? We listed the property for sale the week of Thanksgiving and the house sold that weekend. ūüôā I’ll write a separate post on why we sold our fixer upper, but ultimately, […]

A (VERY) Beginner’s Guide To Spices

Over the years, I’ve learned the¬†difference between delicious food and average¬†food¬†boils down to one main thing: seasoning. Fresh ingredients are also very important, but spices are the glue that hold a dish together. I have a confession. I’m not a natural in the kitchen. (Yes, I’m aware that my blog is called Jane’s Dish, but […]

Simple Sausage, Spinach And Cheddar Quiche

This sausage, spinach and cheddar quiche is a delicious dish to bring to a potluck brunch…or to eat for dinner! The beauty of this quiche dish is that once you¬†commit the¬†egg, milk and seasoning measurements¬†to memory, you can get creative with the meats, vegetables and cheeses. I often make different variations of this dish to […]

Easy Sausage Rolls

Happy Friday! Are you going to any brunches this weekend? If so, these easy sausage rolls are a fabulously easy dish to add a little savory to a traditional breakfast spread of sweet muffins, donuts and danishes. I discovered these yummy sausage rolls (or pinwheels as called on some sites) when I was invited to […]

A Beautiful Way To Prevent STANDING WATER In Your Yard

Bird baths, fountains or decorative statues may have been a beautiful way to add visual interest to a garden in the past, but standing water is the LAST thing you want in your yard with the very real threat of mosquito-borne illnesses, like Zika. Our new house came with a two-tiered fountain that featured cascading […]

Baked Eggplant Parmesan (325 Calories)

I’m back in the kitchen and it feels so good!¬†Now that our kitchen renovation is complete, I plan on posting many more “dishes” here on Jane’s Dish. ¬†Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite Italian meals – ¬†health-ified baked eggplant parmesan. First, I love a tasty meatless meal. I’ve never been a vegetarian – and […]

The BIG Kitchen Reveal!

First, I’m alive! Yay! I know some of you have been holding your breath and imagining that our home renovation came to a screeching halt because the roof caved in…or something like that. But no. We finished our major renovation in the planned six weeks and we moved into house mid-July. Since then, we’ve been […]

The Renovation Report: Week 3 & Week 4

During week 3 and week 4 of our renovation….it snowed! Just kidding, of course. These last two weeks included LOTS of painting.¬†First, we had a professional painter come in and spray the ceilings. Ross and I are doing 90 percent of the painting project ourselves, but painting 2,700 square feet of ceiling was a project […]

What Nightmares Are Made Of…(What I Found In The Garage)

A 70’s renovation wouldn’t be complete without a few surprises, right? Ross and I made one last trip to the new house on Sunday to check on drywall work and drop off materials in the dumpster. While Ross unloaded the truck, I went through the front gates to unlock the house. I had not been […]

The Renovation Report: Week Two

Week two is in the books! If you’re stopping by Jane’s Dish for the first time, you can read about our fixer upper here and catch up with our first renovation report¬†here. This week was all about drywall. First, we had over 2,500 square feet of popcorn ceiling scrapped. Glitter popcorn ceiling.¬†Okay, the previous owner […]