About Jane

Hi, there!  Welcome to Jane’s Dish.

From growing to cooking – this is my personal website about all things food!

Who’s the Jane behind Jane’s Dish?

I’m a wife, mother, public relations professional, co-author and all-around DIYer.

Janes Dish

Why did you start Jane’s Dish?

After several years of talking about starting a home garden, my husband and I rolled up our sleeves in July 2015 and put our little side yard to good use. We’ve grown and eaten lots of delicious produce, including tomatoes, corn, radishes, mixed greens, sweet potatoes and basil.

Garden beds

I’m using Jane’s Dish to share my successes and failures and help encourage other people to grow their own food. That being said, I’m learning right alongside my readers, so please comment or email me (janesdish at gmail.com) if you have advice or tips to share. Group participation is encouraged! 🙂

What if I don’t want to/don’t have space/live in Antarctica/don’t care about gardening?

That’s okay too! Once the food is grown, I have to turn it into something that my three and five year old will actually eat. I will also be sharing tons of simple, family friend recipes.

And sometimes I will just blog about cake. (No vegetables included.)

Construction cake

So that’s me. What about you? I’d love to hear from you!