How To Prepare Your Garden To Sell

I have big news – I’m MOVING! I should clarify, my family is moving. is NOT moving. In fact, this site will be the only consistent little spot in my world for the next few months until we’re settled into our new place. 🙂 I’ve been postponing this announcement, but I feel that it’s the […]

5 Reasons NOT To Garden With Kids

Having one – or many – little kids running around provides an additional complication for a wannabe gardener. I  know from first hand experience what it’s like to garden with kids since my children were 2 and 4-years-old when I started my first garden. Yes, gardening is an awesome way to get free produce. But gardening can be messy. Gardening […]

The Morning Struggle Of A Working Mom

Today I forgot my purse. Yes, my purse. I went to grab my key-card to access the office building and it wasn’t in the car. It was sitting on my table at home. But what did make it in the car was my coffee (filled to the brim with no lid – no clue where […]

The Day I Left My Shoes At Home.

Yesterday I wrote about how I left my purse at home. I also mentioned how I forgot my shoes. And today – lucky you! – I’m going to share the tale of what happened when I arrived at work barefoot. It started out like every day with a seven-month-old and two-year-old. Nursed, showered, nursed, ate […]

How To Write A Book With A Friend

Four years ago, I wrote a book with my friend, Olivia. We were just crazy 20-somethings with a dream. And you know what? It was a long road but we are now published authors – with a agent and publisher and ebook on Amazon! After our book was published, we found we were answering a […]