A Beautiful Way To Prevent STANDING WATER In Your Yard

Bird baths, fountains or decorative statues may have been a beautiful way to add visual interest to a garden in the past, but standing water is the LAST thing you want in your yard with the very real threat of mosquito-borne illnesses, like Zika. Our new house came with a two-tiered fountain that featured cascading […]

1 Easy Gardening Trick To Grow Vegetables Quicker

Are you ready for my simple trick to get homegrown produce on your dinner table 1 to 2 months sooner? Gardening is not a hobby you get into if you want quick, fast or easy results. For the most part, gardening is about giving up control and waiting to see what God is able to […]

How To Deal With Armyworms (Zone 9 – Central Florida)

Something happened this weekend while we were camping. I left the house with a raised bed full of kale, spinach, beans and tomatoes and I came back to this swiss-cheese-esque MESS. After examining the plants a little closer, I came face to face with dozens (maybe hundreds? maybe millions?) of tiny black caterpillars hiding on […]

How To Prepare Your Garden To Sell

I have big news – I’m MOVING! I should clarify, my family is moving. Janesdish.com is NOT¬†moving. In fact, this site will be the only consistent little spot in my world for the next few months until we’re settled into our new place. ūüôā I’ve been postponing this announcement, but I feel that it’s the […]

5 Reasons NOT To Garden With Kids

Having one – or many – little kids running around provides an additional complication for a wannabe gardener. I¬† know from first hand experience what it’s like to garden with kids¬†since¬†my¬†children were 2 and 4-years-old when I started my first garden. Yes, gardening is an awesome way to get free produce. But¬†gardening¬†can be messy. Gardening […]

Bolting: Why Is My Lettuce Growing Flowers?

I had an interesting development in my mixed greens garden bed this week. My lettuce grew flowers. From the top of each plant were long stems with tiny buds. Every day is a new adventure in my garden, but this new growth threw me for a loop. After some research, I realized my lettuce was […]

How I Wash Homegrown Produce

I’ve seen things. These things happen to be¬†creepy, crawly caterpillars and bugs on and near my beautiful produce. If I saw a bug even remotely similar to a tomato hornworm anywhere in a grocery store, I’d leave and never come back! But with organic gardening you have to face the fact that you aren’t the […]

How To Deal With Tomato Hornworms

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve learned one unexpected¬†lesson during my first tomato season¬†– growing organic fruit is not for people who are afraid of creepy crawly, science fiction-type creatures! Traditional tomatoes are treated with dozens of pesticides – and I get it now. If you’ve seen the things I’ve seen, you’d be tempted to […]

How To Use Mushroom Dirt In Your Garden

Before starting a garden, I thought dirt was dirt. But there is so much more to preparing the dirt to grow beautiful produce. Don’t believe me? Just do a quick search on the Internet. It’ll make your head spin! It’s true that some people are fortunate enough¬†to live in areas with rich soil¬†where gardening consists […]