1 Easy Gardening Trick To Grow Vegetables Quicker

Are you ready for my simple trick to get homegrown produce on your dinner table 1 to 2 months sooner? Gardening is not a hobby you get into if you want quick, fast or easy results. For the most part, gardening is about giving up control and waiting to see what God is able to […]

Why I Started a Vegetable Garden

I have to apologize to you. I’ve posted about the success of my very first garden ever and all the beautiful produce that we’ve eaten along the way, but I haven’t posted about why I started a vegetable garden. This is always the first question I get from friends and family who’ve been following my blog, because why […]

How To Start A Garden In Egg Cartons

Do you want to start a vegetable garden, but don’t want to make any major investment in time or money until you actually grow something? Egg carton seed starters are the perfect solution for you! When I started gardening last year, I had never grown a plant from a seed. I had visions of a lush vegetable and […]

How To Use Mushroom Dirt In Your Garden

Before starting a garden, I thought dirt was dirt. But there is so much more to preparing the dirt to grow beautiful produce. Don’t believe me? Just do a quick search on the Internet. It’ll make your head spin! It’s true that some people are fortunate enough to live in areas with rich soil where gardening consists […]