The One Easy Trick That Helped Me STOP Wasting Food

I’m ready to come clean. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars in food over the years. Today, I’m sharing my FAVORITE trick for eliminating food waste on! Check out my guest post here.

How To Never Run Out Of Dairy-free Cookies

With Valentine’s day approaching, my calendar is filled to the brim with parties. School parties, friend parties, gal parties…oh my! I love to party so I’m definitely not complaining, but parties equal sweet treats which can be a nightmare when you have a preschooler that needs to steer clear of dairy. (Think = buttercream frosting, milk chocolate kisses and butter-laden sugar […]

Easy Dairy-free Microwave Popcorn

Are you ready for another one of my favorite dairy-free recipes? If you hadn’t already guessed from the very large image above – it’s popcorn! We love this recipe so much that we make it at least 3 to 4 times a week. It’s perfect for an afterschool snack or movie night treat. I first came across the […]