Growing Radishes (Central Florida – Zone 9)

How To Grow Radishes

If you are looking for a quick, simple vegetable to jump-start your garden – look no more! Radishes are very simple to grow and take no time to produce beautiful root vegetables.

We are harvesting our second full round of radishes…and we only started planting them in late September. (That should tell you how quick and easy these plants are.) 🙂

How To Grow Radishes

What seeds did I use?

I used the Ferry-Morse Radish (Champion). You can find these seeds at most major retailors in the garden section.

How did I plant the seeds?

I planted the radishes in a garden bed filled with mushroom dirt mixture. I poked shallow holes every few inches and dropped a seed right into the ground. I watered the seeds after planting, but I did nothing else to promote growth.

Planting Radishes

How long did it take from seed to salad bowl?

I planted the seeds on Sept. 20. Four weeks later, the radishes were large enough to harvest. We did not harvest the radishes all at once, but rather one at a time as we made salads each night. We planted another round of seeds in late November and we are still eating off that batch now in January.

Tip: I noticed that some of our fresh radishes were very spicy. I read that the longer you wait to harvest, the hotter the vegetable become! So, if you love a good kick – like my husband – keep them in the ground a little longer. 🙂

Radish to Harvest

How do you harvest radishes?

After a month, you pull up the long stems. That’s it. Also, I noticed that some of my radishes were growing from the ground when they were ready.

Radishes to pick

How do you wash radishes before eating?

Since they grow in the dirt, I like to soak for a few minutes in water and vinegar to remove all dirt and disinfect.


Jane’s Radish Review

Gardening skill level: EASY

Seeds: Ferry-Morse Radish Seeds (Champion variety)

Garden space & soil: Partial sun, mushroom dirt mixture

Pest control: None

Seed to salad bowl (growth): 4  weeks

Washing: Soak in cold water and vinegar

So far, I’ve only used these vegetables in my mixed green salads. Do you have a favorite radish recipe? Please leave it in the comments. I’d love to try it out!


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  1. Larry Stoff says:

    Jane, we live in Central Florida (9b) and this is a very helpful page. Thank you!


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