How To Use Mushroom Dirt In Your Garden

How To use Mushroom Dirt In Your Garden

Before starting a garden, I thought dirt was dirt. But there is so much more to preparing the dirt to grow beautiful produce. Don’t believe me? Just do a quick search on the Internet. It’ll make your head spin!

It’s true that some people are fortunate enough to live in areas with rich soil where gardening consists of dropping seeds into the ground. When that’s not option, there are many ways to create great soil for planting.

A good friend actually told me about mushroom dirt. In Central Florida, we have a huge mushroom company that sells a truckload of this dirt for only $10.00! I had no idea what to expect, but still, early one Saturday morning my husband and I loaded the kids into the truck and headed toward the mushroom farm.

Tip #1: Line the bed of your truck before getting the mushroom dirt. It will make for easy transport and cleaning after.

As we approached the plant, we paid at the gate and were instructed the drive around back. We still didn’t know what to expect – were we going to have to shovel the dirt into the truck ourselves? Did they have enough dirt for our garden?

As soon as we drove around the building, things got exciting!

Mushroom dirt

Huge piles of  mushroom dirt were ready for pick up. Best of all, a bulldozer dumped the load of dirt into each truck and trailer waiting for dirt.

Mushroom Dirt

The kids really enjoyed seeing everything.

Kids at Mushroom Farm

When it was our turn, we got front row seats to see the dirt being poured in our truck bed. It was quite a show.

Tip #2: Make sure you have access to a wheelbarrow and shovels before getting the dirt. And make sure you cancel all plans for the rest of the day.

Unloading the truck was not nearly as fun as watching the bulldozer load the dirt. We spent the rest of the afternoon unloading and eventually, taking the remaining dirt over to a friends house.

Mushroom dirt

Tip #3: Have a plan for where to put the mushroom dirt BEFORE getting a truckload.

We already built our raised garden beds and planned specific locations for other crops, like our corn row. 🙂 This helped tremendously in distributing the dirt quickly.

Garden beds

Also, I mentioned in this post that we used a mixture of mushroom dirt + part of a bag of organic gardening soil + some top soil from our yard for all of our garden beds.

Here is a list of plants that we’ve had fabulous success in the mushroom dirt mixture:

And we’ve been gardening for less than a year!

Do you have a great tip for gardening soil? I’d love to hear about it!







  1. Tasha says:

    Great tips!

  2. We’re in Central Florida, too! What company sells mushroom dirt? We’ve started a couple raised beds, but the soil price is so high! I’d love to get this mushroom dirt!

    • Monterey Mushroom in Zellwood. (Apopka area.) For $10, you get an entire truckload! It’s amazing. Everything I grow is in this stuff. 🙂

      • Crystal Carr says:

        I live in Apopka too! Is there anything we can’t grow in mushroom dirt?

        • Hi Crystal! The only thing that did NOT like the mushroom dirt were the pumpkins. Someone told me they don’t like the soil so rich. I’m going to experiment again this summer. But everything else has grown fabulously. 🙂

  3. Albert Lavenziano says:

    How much sun do Jalapeno’s need .

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