How To Grow Basil (Zone 9 – Central Florida)

There’s something about basil that makes even plain ol’ Spaghetti taste gourmet. If you’re a beginner gardener like me, I strongly suggest adding this herb to your “must-plant” list because it’s easy to grow and delicious to eat. Plus, it smells divine in the garden. (I wish you could scratch and sniff my picture above. Mmm.) It’s so simple that I’m convinced that anyone can do it. Yes, I’m even looking at you – […]

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes (Central Florida – Zone 9)

Growing sweet potatoes was the highlight of my fall garden! They were the easiest plant to grow – yes, even easier than as radishes and mixed greens – and they produced TONS of root vegetables to eat. I have another batch of sweet potatoes growing right now and I plan on continuing sweet potatoes until they won’t grow anymore. How […]

How to Grow Corn (Central Florida – Zone 9)

This article contains affiliate links. What’s a farm without some corn? I would never have jumped into gardening with a full-blown corn row, but farmer Ross, my husband, had other plans. Similar to when he ran a 30K (18.6 miles) without training, he decided his first crop in our garden would be corn. 🙂 This crop was definitely not as easy to grow as […]

Growing Radishes (Central Florida – Zone 9)

If you are looking for a quick, simple vegetable to jump-start your garden – look no more! Radishes are very simple to grow and take no time to produce beautiful root vegetables. We are harvesting our second full round of radishes…and we only started planting them in late September. (That should tell you how quick and easy these […]

How To Deal With Tomato Hornworms

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve learned one unexpected lesson during my first tomato season – growing organic fruit is not for people who are afraid of creepy crawly, science fiction-type creatures! Traditional tomatoes are treated with dozens of pesticides – and I get it now. If you’ve seen the things I’ve seen, you’d be tempted to […]

Growing Mixed Greens (Central Florida – Zone 9)

Greens have been a staple in our grocery budget week after week, year after year…until now – because we grow our own! Growing mixed greens has been one of the most rewarding crops thus far because they’re beautifully lush, extremely easy to grow and can be eaten daily in dozens of different salad combinations. In fact, I want to double […]

Easy Dairy-free Cream Of Chicken Soup

What’s a casserole without cream-of-something soup? When I started cooking (mostly) dairy-free for a family member, I found plenty of delicious alternatives, such as smart balance butter, almond milk and daiya brand cheese. One thing that was hard to come by was cream of (fill-in the blank) chicken, broccoli, mushroom, etc. soups. I wanted an affordable and tasty alternative that […]

How To Use Mushroom Dirt In Your Garden

Before starting a garden, I thought dirt was dirt. But there is so much more to preparing the dirt to grow beautiful produce. Don’t believe me? Just do a quick search on the Internet. It’ll make your head spin! It’s true that some people are fortunate enough to live in areas with rich soil where gardening consists […]

How To Make A Big Wheel Construction Cake

“I want to eat a BIG wheel!” That’s what every little boy at my son’s third birthday party said when they first laid eyes on his cake. One of the boys even managed to bypass cake security – twice – and snatch a wheel before the cake was cut! (But can you blame him? No way!) After being tested on a group of opinionated […]

Easy Dairy-Free Pesto!

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend. We went out of town and had a blast, but now, we’re paying for the great time with mountains of laundry, tired kids and a wildly overgrown yard. On the upside, we returned to a garden with more basil than I know what to do with. (I’m not complaining about […]