The Renovation Report: Week 3 & Week 4


During week 3 and week 4 of our renovation….it snowed! Just kidding, of course.

These last two weeks included LOTS of painting. First, we had a professional painter come in and spray the ceilings. Ross and I are doing 90 percent of the painting project ourselves, but painting 2,700 square feet of ceiling was a project worth paying for. Here is a picture of the freshly sprayed ceilings with the taped off fireplace.


The most exciting improvement this week was the wood grain tile that we had installed in the main areas of the home. (Sorry for the quality of the pictures…I  only had my cell phone for pictures that day.)

Wood tile

Here is a picture of the tile looking in from our dining room.


To go with the new flooring, Ross painted the new baseboard before he installed it. We found another use for the courtyard – it’s perfect for staging construction materials!

Painting baseboard

After the baseboard was finished, we pulled the materials inside to stage them for install.


This upcoming week (week 5) should be the most exciting week yet – our cabinets are being delivered and installed! Everything in the kitchen is picked out, but now it’s a waiting game until it’s all installed. I’ll leave you with a sample of the new flooring, grey wall and new granite.

Granite sample

Be sure to check back next week…we have a lot planned!


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