The Renovation Report: Week Two

The Renovation Report Week 2

Week two is in the books! If you’re stopping by Jane’s Dish for the first time, you can read about our fixer upper here and catch up with our first renovation report here.

This week was all about drywall.

First, we had over 2,500 square feet of popcorn ceiling scrapped. Glitter popcorn ceiling. Okay, the previous owner did paint a thin layer of white over most – but not all – of the glitter popcorn ceiling, but it still had to go. After the ceiling was scrapped, we had a drywall professional spray new knock-down texture to the entire ceiling in the house. Below is a picture of the scrapped ceiling and the new texture.

Ceiling 2

Scrapping down the 40-year-old popcorn texture changed the entire smell of the house. The house went from smelling distinctly old to almost-brand-new. We couldn’t be happier that we made that decision to update the ceiling texture ASAP.

While we were redoing drywall, we also removed most of the remaining wood paneling and updated the texture on those walls as well.

Wall texture

Here is a picture of the full wall of wood paneling that was removed in the sun room.

Wood panel wall

Remember the kitchen that Ross gutted last week? This week marked the start of putting the kitchen back together. First, we picked out thick insulation for the kitchen ceiling.


After the insulation was installed, we cleared out the space and prepared for new drywall to be hung.

Ready for drywall

Below is a picture of the kitchen space during week one versus the end of week two.

Before and after framing

Are you ready to see some serious progress? Take a look at our kitchen from day one to two weeks into the renovation!

Kitchen in progress

WOW! Whenever I’m feeling like things are not progressing fast enough, I look at this picture and I’m amazed at how far we’ve come. (But we still have a ways to go…)

In the bathroom, we replaced the overhead office lighting with cans and had the drywall finished.

Overhead lighting

This week I also got a chance to paint my son’s room the green color that he requested. (Like I mentioned in my last post, my kids both requested their rooms to be painted “the same exact color” as our previous house!)

green room

Next, we removed the vinyl flooring in the kitchen to prepare for the new flooring to go in. Removing 40-year-old vinyl was NOT an easy task, but now the slab is ready for our new flooring.


Last, but not least, my husband and his dad, worked hard in the yard to uncover a hidden sprinkler system. We were told that at one time the yard had a full irrigation system with a pump connected to well water. After hours of digging and using water pressure to blow the old sprinkler systems through the ground, we found most of the original sprinkler heads.


Right now, we have half an acre of sand and weeds so finding the irrigation system and getting it running again was step one to deal with the yard. A nice yard is at the top of the “to do” list, but thankfully, we don’t have an HOA, so  we can take our time to do it ourselves.

Here are a few other things we accomplished this week:

  • Ordered our kitchen cabinets
  • Purchased our granite
  • Picked our kitchen wall color
  • Purchased the supplies to redo the fireplace built-in cabinets
  • Bought a kitchen island off craigslist

We are still on schedule to be in the house in a few weeks. Until then, I’m dreaming about all the gardening that is going to happen in the courtyard…


Have a great week!


  1. Barbara Feehan says:

    Wonderful progress and great pictures! Looking forward to more

  2. Laurie Gates says:

    What great progress, Jane! So exciting!

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